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Workplace Wellbeing made easy

Success Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

Stress Matters is B Corp Certified!

Did you know that over 150,000 companies are currently entering the B Corp certification process? A community of only 4,800 businesses globally have become certified B Corps so far, including just over 700 companies in the UK. Stress Matters completed this process in just 8 months and became a certified B Corp in March 2022!

Increased Wellbeing


Increased Productivity


Increased Profitability


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We specialise in working with creative businesses

Whether you are new to workplace wellbeing or an experienced HR professional, we will support you through the process.

Our vision is of workplaces where the wellbeing of teams is a strategic priority. We have proof that positive wellbeing increases the productivity of your team and we want to help energetic businesses become more profitable. We identify insights in your business and provide a wide range of professional services to meet your workplace wellbeing and team development needs, taking the time pressure away from you. We know how important ROI is and we offer you tracking solutions at every programme level.


From £9

Per Person/Per Month

For companies who want to start their wellbeing journey on a limited budget

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From £12

Per Person/Per Month

Perfect for companies who want to show their team they care

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From £25

Per Person/Per Month

For those companies that want to make wellbeing a strategic priority

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What impact is poor wellbeing having on your organisation?


Make sure you spend time and money fixing the actual problems in your team. We identify your challenges by using our Stress Matters Diagnostics Tools. Our Stress Audit ensures that your wellbeing strategy is entirely based on your team’s needs.

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Too often businesses put the wellbeing of the team aside when things get busy. We want you to be successful. We become your accountability partner to ensure positive changes are made and momentum is maintained when improving employee wellbeing.

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We offer support to you as a business, team or individual through wellbeing workshops, mental health first aider training, coaching, writing your wellbeing plan, The BE:DO Academy and much more. We offer support across all 4 areas of wellbeing.

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What Being a B Corp Means To Us

Being B Corp since March 2002 means the world to Stress Matters. It’s a professional acknowledgement that we’re exceeding the platinum standards we’ve always aspired to, socially and environmentally. We’re living proof you CAN BE purpose and profit driven without compromising communities, the planet and people.

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Wellbeing Workshops

Have You Started Your Wellbeing Journey?

At Stress Matters, we believe the best way to approach workplace wellbeing is from the top down. Have you gathered the insights to start your wellbeing plan? If not, we can help you do this, creating a plan and suppporting you every step of the way to a foolproof wellbeing strategy for your employees. The end result? Better morale, performance and productivity.

Four Areas Of Wellbeing

Our expert delievered workshops are based on four areas of wellbeing. Helping your team prioritise their wellbeing, resilience and productivity.

 Sleep Tight To A Better Life
 Feeding The Body & The Mind
 Movement Matters

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Making Stress Work
Building & Breaking Habits
Get Money Happy
Unconscious Bias* (this is a minimum of a half-day session)

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Mindfulness 101
Making Connections & Building Life Bonds
Creating Calm, Whatever The Workplace
Ensure Your Job Is Your Dream Job

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Visualisation: See It, Live It, Love It
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
Values & Actions: Don’t Just Talk It, Walk It!
The BE:DO Balance

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How many employees are there in your organisation?

Figures are estimated and based on UK research

Colleagues experiencing a mental health problem right now.
(Deloitte 2020)


Days lost per year due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. (HSE 2020)

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The annual cost of poor mental health to the organisation.
(Deloitte 2020)

                Chevron £

Minimum return on investment per year from our Pro-Active Wellbeing Manager.

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From Our Blog

Discover The Mental Health First Aid Score For Your Business

Answer 15 questions and we’ll send you a personalised report on how to improve your return on investment. This Scorecard has been designed to show business leaders, HR professionals and team leaders their blind spots when it comes to Mental Health First Aid and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve.


• It takes just 3 minutes
• It’s completely free
• Receive customised results instantly

Start The Scorecard Here

Book a Free 20 Minute Discovery Call With One Of Our Corporate Wellbeing Specialists

A friendly, no-strings attached zoom coffee and chat with one of our wellbeing experts will give you the opportunity to:


• Find out some free options to making improvements
• Get some friendly feedback and guidance on your strategy
• Explore some options on how we might be able to help

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Found Laura Capell-Abra (the presenter) very clear and kept my concentration and focus for the whole session.


The Fine Art Of Assertiveness

MAR 2021

A big thanks to James for being a brilliant trainer – he was really fantastic!

The British Academy

Mental Health for Line Managers

FEB 2022

Great workshop, thanks Laura! I will be recommend this to family and friends!

Interstate Hotels

Master your day and feel balanced

FEB 2022

Great course, well presented in easy to understand terms. My understanding of mental ill health has increased immensely since attending.



SEPT 2021

Great content great delivery.


Mental Health for Line Managers

SEPT 2021

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