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Einstein is quoted as having said:  

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”

He has a point. Understanding a problem is integral to solving it. And when it comes to the challenge of how to improve your team’s wellbeing – and therefore their productivity – it’s worth spending some time on understanding the problem.


It’s why Insights is the first of our three key pillars of wellbeing measurement.


Fancy having a chat with one of the HQ Team about your workplace wellbeing plans? Call us on 0207 856 0290 or email us hello@stressmatters.org.uk 

You know how important it is to hear from your team.

But, do you know they’re much more likely to tell us honestly how they’re doing in a staff wellbeing survey? Sorry, but it’s true!

Our wellbeing measurement Tool identifies how your team is doing, In addition, it also flags potential issues and areas for improvement.

It’s much more than just your average employee engagement survey.  It involves –

  • Asking your team members 100 targeted questions about all elements of their wellbeing on a quarterly basis
  • Providing them with personalised self-care reports upon completion of each survey
  • Aggregating, analysing and sharing the collective results of their wellbeing assessments with you in a practical and anonymous format

Our wellbeing assessments can be arranged as a one-off diagnostic.

But we strongly recommend using it to track your team’s wellbeing on a quarterly basis.

This not only helps identify issues before they gain momentum. It also gives great insight into the ROI of any wellbeing initiatives you’re running.

Our wellbeing assessments are included as standard in our Wellbeing Manager Programme, which focuses on making it easy for you to support your team. Learn more about it here.

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If you fancy a chat with one of the HQ Team about your workplace wellbeing plans then check out our social media feeds, call us on 0207 856 0290 or email us hello@stressmatters.org.uk
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James was great. I really enjoyed it.

The British Academy

Mental Health For Line Managers

FEB 2022

Loved the session. Laila was so helpful and knowledgeable. The information was put simply but was so effective. Will take this back to my team.

Staff College

Rebuilding Resiliently

FEB 2022

This course is the best course I have ever been on and opens your eyes completely to mental health and helping others with mental health James was the best trainer i have ever received training from and his passion shines through.



OCT 2021

It was a really well structured course with lots of difficult topics covered. Always an awareness of the effect the subject matter might have on the attendees.Very informative with a big manual to refer to afterwards.


JAN 2022

Great session Laura was very knowledgable and answered all queries and questions. Coping techniques were good

Jaguar Land Rover

Mental Health for Line Managers

SEPT 2021

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